quicheQuiche is wonderful for breakfast, brunch, lunch or a simple dinner when served with a salad and a small baguette or whole grain bread.  It keeps for several days in the refrigerator and just needs to be reheated when you’re ready to serve and eat. Or cook up a few ahead of time and freeze them.  Eggs are a complete source of protein because they contain all the essential amino acids.  But if you are not eating egg yolks you can make it w/egg whites only.  Quiche is a great healthy meal anytime and is convenient because it can be prepared ahead of time.  And real men do eat quiche!

 Your choice of as many of the following:



               Broccoli, asparagus or other green veggie



               Red pepper

               Sausage or ham (optional)

Sea salt

Black pepper


Fresh or dried tarragon

¼ cup grated cheese or any cheese of choice

1 ½ cups milk, soymilk or rice milk

9 inch whole grain pie frozen crust uncooked

Butter or olive oil

Sauté all veggies in oil or butter (w/optional meat).  Mix in separate bowl, salt, pepper, nutmeg, eggs, tarragon, milk, cheese.  Then blend all together. Pour into unbaked pie shell and cook for 45 minutes @ 375 degree oven or until eggs look solid. (Variation: You can use any combination of vegetables-whatever you have in the frig).