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My Spring Detox Experience

Hi all you spring detoxers! Well I’m finally getting down to writing about my spring detox experience. It was pretty powerful, I have to say. I did find it much easier than my winter detox and although I eat pretty healthy in general, eliminating certain foods required of this cleanse and adding the seasonal ones in made a huge difference in how I feel; cleared out, more energized and my minor chronic health issues resolved!

The toughest part for me was getting off of the refined sweets, the bready things that I love. Man, we live in NYC-the finest bakeries and boulangeries on every street corner! Tough to resist! And although the detox was for a suggested 5-7 days, I figured if I could do it for that amount of time, why not try it for 10-14 days? I ended up doing it for 12 days w/one day “cheating” in the middle because I attended a wedding and I HAD to eat dessert and have a glass of champagne there!

I did experience some “sugar withdrawal symptoms” the first few days on the detox. I felt cranky and edgy –in need of my sweet fix (the stuff is like heroin!) but once I got thru the first 3 days I felt pretty good and my sweet cravings diminished. I satisfied them, by going for sweet vegetables (sweet potatoes, beets seem to do the trick for me), and I discovered organic dates as my go-to sweetie when I just couldn’t make it thru the nite w/o a little somethin! They completely satisfied my sweet tooth, just eating 2-3 of them and I felt satiated. It’s the creamy, gooey texture that does it for me. Kind of like a Godiva chocolate truffle but much healthier! I now have a supply on hand in the house for when the cravings hit. And the good thing is they don’t call to me all day long like chocolate in the house does. They’re just there when I need them. I’m so glad I got my dates!

Greens, greens and more greens! I was eating and drinking greens and sprouts til the cows came home and pooping green too (sorry for the graphic description), but really felt cleared and cleaned out and I KNOW my liver is thanking me. I lost a few lbs especially around the belly-that bloated fluff weight feeling-GONE! And allergies-no post nasal drip, no sinus congestion-getting off of sugar, dairy, processed wheat and alcohol and drinking green tea really eliminates my seasonal allergy symptoms.

I had a few epiphanies too. I noticed when I was feeling “flat,” bored or let down, I immediately wanted something sweet (or an alcoholic drink!) I see how I use sugar, desserts or alcohol to “feed my hungry heart.” Going for those “yin” like food substances is more of a habit and a desire to make me feel light and happy.

I can’t say enough about being off of refined sugars and how it affected my moods in a good way! One day, it was pouring rain out and I was heading into a crowded express subway stop, w/everyone trying to cram into the stairwell at the same time-like we pushy New Yorkers can do, umbrellas going every which way, and I actually caught myself smiling! I thought “easy does it-no worries, no hurry.” I was practicing daily meditations during the detox as well, and like they always tell me, it’s the subtle differences that meditation can make in our life. Definitely had a few moments of being “in the gap.”

And if you consider how we are all a microcosm of the world, it was ironic that as I was detoxing the toxins out of my body/mind and spirit last week, at the same time, the world was cleansed of a toxic energy in the form of Osama Bin Laden. Coincidental, maybe…

I discovered that if I have the healthy foods and snacks accessible, like carrots, celery, daikon radish, jicama already cut up and in the front of the fridge where I can see them, I will grab those, w/a little hummus, instead of something that’s not so healthy when I’m hungry and in a hurry. And I feel completely satisfied and nourished by eating them. Eating is all about creating new healthy habits in place of old not so healthy ones. As Melody Beattie says, “it takes 21 times to repeat something before it becomes a new habit.”

I know I have created some new eating habits but I can’t say I will quit refined sugars completely. A girl’s gotta have her chocolate cake once in awhile! I did notice once I was “clean,” and I ate something refined again, I got an instant headache! Yuck! This stuff is toxic to my body! At the very least, I’m trying to practice one of Michael Pollen’s “Food Rules”-snacks and sweets only on days that begin w/S.”

If you’re kicking yourself for missing our spring detox and you want to lose that bloat/fluff weight and be ready to fit into your summer bikini, it’s not too late. You can get access to the same exact information we covered in both the teleclass and the LIVE workshop! Our latest product offering is the actual teleclass recording where I guide you thru a simple whole food based, 5-7 day spring cleanse. You also receive the e-book, which is a complete transcript of the call, as well as all of the handouts from the class! CLICK HERE TO ORDER: Spring Detox and Cleanse

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How I Survived my Detox/Cleanse

young-woman-jumping_Not only did I survive the whole foods 5-7 day January detox cleanse but I feel cleared out, vibrantly healthy, energized and fully alive!  This past week I facilitated a post holiday detox, live event and teleclass, and I had a great group of detoxers who joined me on this journey.  We shared our weeklong detox experiences together on my blog and I have to say, the honesty, vulnerability, camaraderie, humor and support I received from everyone was the key factor in keeping me going. The January Detox/Cleanse Preparation.  It was an opportunity for us to stay connected, support each other, share ideas, recipes, laugh, cry and complain and have fun doing this together which is always more fun than detoxing alone.  We human beings have no integrity and will let ourselves off the hook in a moments notice if we get the chance. Having other people doing this with me kept me accountable!

Eating whole organic clean foods this week for the cleanse has given my body a much needed rest and I now know what a sugar free/dairy and toxin free body feels like. No post-nasal drip!  I lost that bloated/fluff weighted post holiday stuffed feeling!  My mood swings are non-existent and I feel much more even keeled and contented. I wake up happy and grateful for my life!  No body odor either. No meat=no body odor!  I’m not a vegetarian but it does make sense that eliminating rotting digested animal flesh from my insides will make me smell better! (Sorry for the graphics.)

I loved the meditations and am committed going forward to keeping it as a daily morning ritual. Chopra Center Winter Meditations  And although I can’t say I will give up sweets entirely, I know now how it feels to be sugar free. No 3 pm blood sugar crashes and I’m less angry!  I realize sugar makes me angry! It’s a drug and coming down off of it sends me on an energy and emotional roller coaster that I was not really aware of and then like any drug, I crave more of it.

I’ve been making this a yearly January post holiday ritual, as well as doing seasonal cleanses (spring is a great time to do another detox), so I hope you can join me next time to re-boot  your system, clean out, gain new insights and discover for yourself what a toxin free body feels like. We’re all in this together!