My 3 Day Detox

detox smoothieIt’s day 3 of my Dr. Oz 3-Day Detox and I feel fantastic, completely cleared out and full of energy.

Usually I like to do my 5-7 day Whole Foods Spring Cleanse but this year I thought I’d try something different, a juice fast.  It’s only 3 days-how hard could that be?

 The first day I did not feel so good.  I was having withdrawal symptoms coming off of caffeine and sugar which, for me, manifested in the form of a headache.  I was tired, irritable, depressed and had an overall flu-like feeling. Yuck! My body was detoxing.  I KNOW better and would suggest to anyone who wants to do a cleanse, it is best to wean yourself off of caffeine a few days before going cold turkey.  That way you will avoid major withdrawal symptoms.  I didn’t realize how much caffeine and sugar I actually was ingesting on a daily basis from my multiple cups of green tea and from, I admit, my weakness, which is baked goods and chocolate.  Oh, denial is a beautiful thing, isn’t it?!

I went to bed early that first night and on the 2nd day I was feeling much better.  Not 100% but better than day 1.  I started noticing that my senses were becoming more acute, almost bionic.  I could smell remnants in an empty Starbucks mint/mocha/coffee cup clear across the counter!  (Or else my sensory imagination was running wild.)

 I don’t have a juicer so opted to make the drinks in my regular ole’ blender and that way I would ingest all the fiber as well.  This makes them very thick and filling, more like smoothies, so I didn’t experience hunger. On this detox plan, if you get hungry and can’t hold out until dinner, you can choose your favorite smoothie and have that as a snack.  But I did notice that we often eat for so many reasons other than hunger: when we’re bored, fatigued, anxious, angry, or we eat out of habit or to just feed the “hungry” heart.  When I thought I was hungry, I would stop and ask myself “am I really hungry?”  The answer was “no.”

 Let me say I did make a few minor adjustments to the recipes which I will share with you.  The lunch drink was so filling that I would save some of it for an afternoon snack.  It’s all a personal preference but I did not care for the taste of the lunch drink so I altered it.  The recipe calls for almond milk which I opted out not to drink, especially on a detox. There are many additives in almond milk i.e. carageenan-a thickening agent and additional flavorings.  I cannot seem to find a “clean” one.  If anyone knows of a “clean” almond milk, please write in and share it with us. 

 On the 1st day I substituted soy milk in place of almond milk.  I buy an unsweetened brand, Eden Soy, which lists only 2 ingredients on the label:  organic soybeans and reverse osmosis filtered water.  But I still didn’t care for the taste so on the 2nd day I substituted coconut water instead.  It came out perfect and delicious!!

 Also the morning smoothie called for spinach and I substituted dandelion greens which are an excellent detoxifier for the liver and are available and in season here in the northeast.

 By the 3rd day, I woke up feeling really energized; less bloated and cleared out.  I had been struggling with acid reflux (GERD) on and off, but even on the first day of this detox, those symptoms disappeared!  My eyes are clear, no more red eyes! and here I was thinking it was all from the pollen!  I feel more present and calm in my life today and emotionally balanced.  And only in 3 days! I am hoping to retain some of these new eating habits (i.e. less sugar, less caffeine) and may even continue with the breakfast drink as a great way to start my day.

 Oh, one bit of information that is crucial to this detox-make sure to drink plenty of water! There is no mention of that on the one sheet but it is extremely important for elimination.

 If you’ve participated in this detox or a similar cleanse, please feel free to write in your comments and share your experience.  I would love to hear from you!



  1. Love it. And I like your substitutions. I’ll do the same. Getting bored with spinach. Fortunately, I’m not using coffee and sugar so much. AND I have a Vita Mix now. I’ll put it too work.

    3 day only detox is the charm for me now!

    All the best to you and sis!

    • I know we tend to eat the same 20 foods don’t we? I needed to shake things up myself-this cleanse did the trick! Have fun w/your Vita Mix-you can throw in the avocado seed and all-seeds are the energy of the future! Love to you and your family too.