Natural Relief for Allergies

Are you struggling w/seasonal allergies? Headaches, sinus stuffiness, fatigue, runny nose, itchy eyes, feel like you’re under water? Instead of constantly taking medications there are many natural remedies to treat allergy symptoms as well as ones to boost your immune system which can actually eliminate them. Here are a few.

  1. For immediate relief try the herb freeze dried stinging nettle every 4 hrs instead of antihistamines.
  2. Wash pollen from hair, face and clothes before lying down to avoid spreading it on your pillow and bedding. Keep windows in bedroom closed at nite.
  3. Try nasal rinsing w/a neti pot or use a store bought bottle solution called Ayr. Rinsing the nostrils out (gently!) in the morning and evening with this mixture of warm water, sea salt and baking soda will clear out pollen and prevent sinus build up.
  4. Decrease intake of dairy products during this season. Dairy increases mucus and sets up a breeding ground for sinus bacteria to live and thrive in.
  5. Go green! Eating dark leafy greens (which are in season right now) will clear congestion and strengthen your respiratory system. Bump up your green tea intake. Drinking green tea daily will also, over time, build your immune system and help eliminate your allergies.  A great tasting one is Ban-cha (toasted green tea). Allergies are a lowered immunity response to stimuli.  Green tea is packed full w/phytonutrients and antioxidants which will boost your immune system.
  6. Try acupuncture.  It may have an immediate effect in relieving acute symptoms but I also found that it tends to have an accumulative effect in relieving allergies.

I highly recommend it for whatever ails you from muscle/joint pain to allergies/headaches/pms/menopausal symptoms.  It’s a good way to balance out your “chi” and keep your energy flowing throughout the body. It’s also a great compliment to the spring detox because it is one of the most efficient and effective ways to restore and renew yourself.  I always feel as though I just took a trip to Tahiti when I get a treatment. Ahhhhh….so relaxing.  If you’ve never tried it, you might give it a shot and see if it works for you.

Looking for a good practitioner? If you live in the NYC area, I highly recommend Kathy Yocum M.S.,L.Ac.  212-246-3153 or e-mail her for an appointment @ Kathy Yocum Acupuncture. She’s a terrific healer and is currently offering a special spring season package.



  1. REALLYyyyyy good advice! especially #2! most people don’t think about that…they think if they are indoors they are out of harms way and can’t understand why they still have symptoms!!!!!!1

    • Thank you Suz! Yes, I know, alot of people don’t realize that pollen is on their hair, (invisible), and then when they go to bed it spreads all around their face and eyes from rolling over on their pillow. They wake up with swollen itchy eyes, nasal congestion and wheezing cough and this can be remedied by taking a shower and washing hair at nite. I realize alot of people don’t wash their hair every nite, so if not, a good practice is to brush hair before getting into bed, if it’s long-pull it back in a pony tail or cover hair with a scarf. Also changing pillow case often and keeping bedroom windows closed will greatly relieve allergies too.

  2. Ira,
    I hear you and am sorry you are so miserable with allergy symptoms. This is the very reason I became a health coach. I too had a similar experience moving from Maine to NY and developed severe allergies in my 30’s. I thought I had healthy eating/lifestyle habits too but I basically lived on allergy/sinus infection meds. Until vertigo got the best of me, (I was dizzy all the time from sinus and allergy attacks), I needed to get to the root of the problem.

    I DRASTICALLY changed my eating habits (i.e. pretty much ELIMINATED dairy products from my diet, eat dark leafy greens, garlic and onions DAILY, drink good quality organic green tea-3-4 cups DAILY and after a good year of these and other new eating habits, along with a whole season of weekly acupuncture sessions, my allergies abated. Note that acupuncture has an accumulative effect-it didn’t help my allergies that season but the following year I did not get them as bad and it took only a few sessions to get things under control and then then it got less and less the following seasons and now I don’t need any help. Along with many other dietary changes, I continue to eat/drink this way, plus I implement several lifestyle practices as mentioned in the article (i.e. wash face and hair before bedtime and never sleep w/bedroom window open), and now it’s a rare thing for me to have allergy symptoms. Allergies are just our bodies lowered immune system. I now hardly EVER get sick anymore either, or if I do, it only lasts a day or two.

    If you’d like some personal coaching on how to naturally boost your immune system and rid your body of allergies once and for all, email me and we can do a consult and talk about how to go about this. A good start would be to download my e-book Winterize Your Body which is the 2nd product on “My Shop” page on my site: In this e-book I outline every thing you need to do (and what I did) to boost your immune system naturally.

    There is NO need to suffer. It takes due diligence but trust me, you can rid your body of allergies and live a fabulously, healthy, energetic and delicious life naturally w/o meds anywhere on the planet!

    I look forward to hearing from you and to help you heal naturally!