I Love You With All My Liver

It’s Time for a Detox.  Happy Spring! Do you have spring fever yet? I do and at this time of year I always feel the need to clean out my home and clear my internal house too. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, the organs in our body that rule over the spring season are the liver and the gall bladder.  They carry out essential bodily functions, particularly digestion and processing of all nutrients we take into our bodies.  The liver is the largest internal organ of the body and is located in the right upper abdomen.  While life depends on our lungs, heart and circulation to bring oxygen, blood and nutrients to all cells of the body, the liver provides essential support to these processes.  It stores and distributes nourishment for the entire body. Everything gets filtered thru the liver first where it gets metabolized, packaged, stored or shipped out for use by other organs.

When alcohol, drugs, prescription medications or other poisons such as pesticides, chemicals and preservatives in the food we eat enter the body, they are also sent directly to the liver for processing.  Here they are detoxified and by-products are shipped out of the body through excretion. The liver halts all other metabolic processes until it metabolizes these substances first which can cause various problems such as fat accumulation in the liver (fatty liver). Think of your body as an amazing machine (which it is!) that operates most of the time, at utmost efficiency, but when we abuse it with over-consumption of chemicalized processed junk food, conventionally farmed raised meat, chicken & dairy products, excess sugar, alcohol, and tobacco, the liver basically shuts down production until it can filter through the junk!

We can’t live without our liver, yet it has an amazing capacity to regenerate itself after surgery, injury or illness.  Given the many vital activities of the liver we should express our feelings for others by saying “I love you with all my liver” instead of “with my heart.”  It’s not so romantic but it makes a valid point!

The sister organ to the liver is the gallbladder.  One of the liver’s many functions is to manufacture bile (detergent like substance that helps digest fats) which is then stored in the gallbladder for use when we ingest fats.

There are many natural food substances that support healthy function of the liver and gallbladder such as apples, fresh apple juice, beets and beet juice, and apple cider vinegar which help protect us from the chemicals, alcohol, and fatty foods that we consume.  Olive oil is also a great nutritive and fresh lemon and lemon water are good detoxifiers for the liver as well.

A whole foods spring detox is a great way to transition from the heavier, fatty winter foods to lighter spring seasonal foods.  These lighter foods will cleanse the organs, re-boot your system and help you lose weight in the process. A whole foods detox is just that-no starvation, you will be eating whole foods all during it. For example a typical dinner in my spring detox is: fillet of sole or flounder braised with sliced leeks, minced shallots and lemon with a side of greens and grains. I will be offering my Spring Detox Teleclass, Wed April 27th from 6:30-7:30 pm EST. For more information and how to register go to: Spring Detox Event



  1. Hi Everyone!
    I hope I’m blogging in the right place….Sorry to be out of touch! I’ve had house guests so I haven’t had a spare minute to check in with everyone…. But I took off work today to catch-up. Soooooo about the detox, I love it! So far it feels much easier to me that the Fall one. I am realizing that I have been eating pretty healthy! So I feel good about that!! I haven’t had to change too much, just needed to eliminate some things which isn’t easy — I slipped-up this weekend but other than that I feel good! Thanks Joanne!!

    • Erin I too feel this detox is much easier than the winter one. I love it too and feel fabulous being off of sugar, dairy,alcohol and wheat. Can’t tell you how much of a difference it makes for my allergies (practically non-existent!), sinusy stuff, post-nasal drip-GONE! Glad that you are feeling good too. Think I experienced that “detox glow” today. Was rushing into the subway funnel of rush hour crowds w/all umbrellas everywhere and I realized I had a smile on my face! Last week was edgy getting off of the sugar but I guess I’ve detoxed it right out of my hair and now feel the difference!

  2. If you missed our spring detox no worries.

    Now you can get access to the same exact information we covered in both the teleclass and the LIVE workshop!
    Our latest product offering is the actual teleclass recording, along with the e-book, which is a complete transcript of the call! You also receive all of the handouts from the class! I will guide you thru a simple whole foods based, 5-7 day cleanse. Don’t worry, you won’t starve or need to take expensive supplements or herbs!

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