Recipes for January Detox

Okay I just made the most delicious carrot ginger soup that works so well into this January detox diet!  I always feel it’s such a waste to throw out those carrot top greens because I never know what to do with them.  Here’s a great recipe where you use them! Detoxers-feel free to post your recipes here so we can share what is working for us in the diet this week. 

carrot soupCarrot/Ginger Soup

1 bunch (6-9 small to medium) carrots, the tops and the roots

1 ½ tsps better butter mixture

1 red onion diced

2 sprigs thyme

Marjoram, sea salt, black pepper

5 cups water

1-2 tsps grated ginger


Pull or pluck lacy leaves of the carrot greens off their stems.  You shld have between 2-3 cups loosely packed.  Wash, then chop finely.  Chop carrots.

Melt the better butter mixture in soup pot.  Add the carrot tops and carrots, diced onions, seasoning, grated ginger.  Cook for several minutes, turning everything a few times.  Add the water and the cover and bring to boil.  Simmer for about 20 minutes. 

Use immersion blender or transfer soup into blender, add water if necessary to achieve desired consistency.

It’s done!  Delicious, filling and that tangy ginger flavor adds a nice kick to the soup. Enjoy!



  1. This was tonite’s dinner.

    Broiled Flounder Fillet w/Lemon & Shitake Mushrooms
    Oven Steam Roasted Acorn Squash/Sweet Potato w/Cinnamon
    Steamed Broccoli & Cauliflower

    Place flounder fillets on flat roasting pan
    Spread 1 tsp better butter mixture on top of fish
    Squeeze ½ lemon juice on fish
    Season w/sea salt, black pepper, cut up shitake mushrooms
    Broil for 8-10 minutes til top is slightly brown and crispy

    Cut acorn squash in ½ -scoop out seeds (no need to peel)
    Sprinkle cinnamon on open flesh and place flesh side down in shallow baking dish
    Cut up sweet potato in big chunks-sprinkle w/cinnamon (no need to peel)
    Add a little water to bottom of pan
    Cover pan w/aluminum foil
    Bake at 400 degree oven for about 30-40 minutes til desired tenderness

    Stovetop steam broccoli and cauliflower til desired tenderness
    Season w/sea salt and black pepper

  2. I made this soup tonight and it was really satisfying. We also had a baked herb organic chicken breast that we split with shitaki mushrooms & green beans. Yum.
    I must be detoxing. I hope that’s what it is because my lower body from my sacrum all down the backs of my legs ache… like sciatica or fibromyalgia. I’ve never felt this before. It’s kind of scary and hope it goes away soon.
    My cold is better. I’m soaking my grains for tomorrow morning. Is there anything I can add to sweeten them just a tad? They are just so bland. The only fruit juice I have on hand is unsweetened cranberry; I do have some pomegranete concentrate; would that work? and be acceptable? or any other suggestions.
    It helps to know there are others out there. I’m looking forward to feeling good. Will that be soon?

    • Glad your cold is better but sorry your having body aches and pains. Sounds like your body is talking to ya Cate 🙂 How’s your elimination? Make sure you are drinking lots of water and get some fruit and flax in daily. You shld be eliminating once preferably 2-3 times/day. Yes go ahead and add fruit juice to grains if you can’t take them plain. Make this detox work for you in whatever way you can. Don’t worry about being a purist. Remember even if you do half of what I suggest you will be giving your body the much needed rest it needs from all the processed foods and chemicals we normally ingest. Clarity and feeling good usually occurs by day 3 or 4 if not sooner. I’m feeling terrific-lots of energy and no sugar blues/emotional swings/cravings. (still thinking about sweets but not really craving them). You guys are keeping me honest and holding me accountable!

      Don’t forget the 21 day meditation challenge starts tomorrow-I can’t wait. If you haven’t signed on yet here’s the link
      Hang in there and have a good nite. Sweet dreams! 🙂

      • The 21 day meditation challenge sounds awesome! I signed up for it, although a day late. I’ll just be sure to go an extra day after it finishes =)

    • Cate-also instead of fruit juice added to the grains for sweetening, try some fruit. Add cut up apples or berries to oatmeal while cooking or some red grapes in rice when finished. That way you get the sweetness (but not so concentrated as in fruit juice) and you get the fiber.

      • Thanks Jo, I’ll do that. Last night my tissues and joints hurt so badly that it woke me up at 2am. I was in real pain. Goodness I must be a toxic mess. Am so thankful to be doing this and with your help. I appreciate it so much!
        Also, I must confess my aches and pains were so bad in the night that I HAD to take some asprin. I was nearly in tears.
        My nutritionist says that good hot Epson salts soaks are good for this, once in the morning and once at night. Do you concur?
        As for the fruit in the cereal (if necessary) would raisins be OK?
        In general I feel better and am heartened to be over the hump… I plan to stay off the caffiene and refined sugar after the detox. What do you suggest for a sugar substitute? I rarely if ever use white sugar but turbinado or raw, sometimes grade B maple syrup, sometimes honey with tea, and used to use agave but with the bad press lately on agave, don’t know what to do about that.
        Any suggestions would be helpful for later…

        • Raisens are very high in sugar so for the detox try not to use them. After they are fine. That’s what I would use to sweeten things up-fruit like apples, pears, pineapple, raisens, dates, & sweet potatoes. Stevia is a good sugar substitute if you don’t mind the aftertaste-it is even safe for diabetics, maple syrup, honey are better choices than white sugar but all in moderation even so. I know agave has been getting bad press-not sure on that one. Honestly I don’t add sugar/sweetener to anything except maple syrup in my oatmeal 🙂 I use fruit and sweet veggies like sweet potatoes to sweeten things up in cooking. Once you get off adding sugar to foods/drinks and get the taste of real food-lots of it is sweet enough especially if you buy organic. My problem is desserts …..that is my downfall. Augh…if I’m cooking one at home I can cut the sugar amt in 1/2 that the recipe calls for and it is absolutely fine but if I’m out that’s when I get into trouble.

          Also concur w/bath and epson salts. Absolutely take baths in winter-it’s the season. Steam and sauna if you can too.

          • Thanks so much for leading this Joanne.
            Started Fri, so I am now on day 5. First couple of days I seemed to feel better, but now I am feeling tired and sluggish. shouldn’t this be just the opposite?

          • Hi Laurie, so glad you joined in on the detox and congrats on making it thru day 5! Are you getting enough sleep? You will require more than the usual during this detox. How is your elimination? You shld be eliminating 2-3x daily. If not-that could be making you feel sluggish too. If so, have more flax and drink 1/2 your body weight in oz of water/day and you may have to try the “smooth move” tea. Also if you’ve been doing the diet strict, you may need to eat some protein now. I notice for myself during this detox, if I have a really long hard day and haven’t had a good nite’s sleep I feel a little woozy and in need of some protein (like today! I got up so early raring to go but really felt I needed the protein tonite. Also 5 days is a good amount of time to de-toxify, so if you want to stop now, do so. Keep me posted.

  3. Thanks Joanne. Have not been sleeping or eliminating “extra.” Maybe that’s the prob.Want to stay on day or 2 more. I know this is great for my diabetes,
    what do you think about spelt bread and decaf coffee?

  4. Yes good for your diabetes. Did you know barley is the best whole grain for diabetics! Very low glycemic index. Spelt bread and decaf not for this detox. Think of whole foods, if you were stranded on Gilligan’s Island, what foods would be available for you to eat or harvest? Decaf has caffeine in it and we’re eliminating all caffeine (chemicals) in this detox. After the detox-spelt bread would be good for you.