Winter Blues


What to Do About the Winter Blues

Most species go into hibernation in the winter so it is perfectly natural for us to slow down as well at this time of year. Get in sync with nature and make getting ample sleep a top health priority. Being well rested will boost your immune system and help you fight off seasonal colds and flu.

Although we tend to spend more time indoors, we are breathing in dry, recycled air.  Our nasal passages dry out which can set the stage for a breeding ground for infections.  So resist the temptation to become a couch potato, bundle up and get outdoors for a walk in the crisp clean air which will invigorate your lungs and get your blood circulating.  This will keep you healthy too.  Here’s a few suggestions for indoor projects for getting organized, clearing out and changing things up.

1) Shift your energy in your home by rearranging your furniture or start that indoor project you’ve been putting off for so long.

2) Try experimenting w/a new recipe for family or friends.

3) If you’re receiving too many pesky unwanted mailers and catalogs, here’s a site to help weed them out.  Go to Catalog Choice (it’s easy) and you can opt out of the catalogs you don’t want to receive and save some trees.

4.  Feeling sluggish? Try doing a detox mini-cleanse. Pick one day a week and for that day, eat only fruit, steamed veggies, fresh fruit and vegetable juice, water and herbal tea. It cleans out your pipes, gets rid of the sludge and gives you more energy. You will be amazed how clear you will feel physically as well as emotionally. You may even drop some of that fluff weight that gets added on in the wintertime. If you’re looking for a longer cleanse-check out my 5-7 day Winter Detox and Cleanse, the third product in Know Your Body’s healthy life series Winter Detox/Cleanse

5) Get to bed earlier and wake up 10 minutes earlier to mediate or just enjoy the peace and solitude.  In the early morning take some welcome quiet time to appreciate the stillness, the quiet.  And remember, Spring is just around the corner!